Tuesday 8 September 2015


FUTV:  Tell us about yourself?

JOYCE: I'm a model, actress and a fashion enthusiast.  A 2nd year law student at
National Open University of Nigeria. I'm passionate about what I do and would love
to take it up to the next level

GODWIN: I'm Godwin Peters, winner of the Face Of West Africa 2015. am 22 years old, a
student from National Open University of Nigeria and am 6fit.5inches tall, am an
Ibgo boy from Ahaba Imenyi, Isukwato Local government, Abia State, I was born and
brought up in Kirikiri town Lagos, and I am a Nigeria citizen.

FUTV: What inspired your modeling career?

JOYCE: My love for modelling, the passion I express when I model. Its just a
beautiful way to express the mind in a thousand words!

GODWIN: Inspiration comes out deep inside of me anytime i find myself at a fashion
event, on the runways, doing a photo shoot, catalogs and Commercials, am so inspired cause Earth is
fashion, and i don't approach fashion this days fashion approaches me.

FUTV: How do you keep yourself relevant and fit for /in the industry?

JOYCE: Well I do my best, I eat alot of fruits and I work out. I'm passionate about
my job and I allow discipline, dedication and determination guide my path.

GODWIN:  I deliberately dedicate a day to post an inspiration from my favorite magazine or
blog on a regular basis. If there was a makeup look, outfit, or tip in  magazines,
basically this helps to update my clients to know that am keeping up with current
trends and as a male model, looking good is literally my job. I deliberately take good care of my
appearance in the same way a mechanic looks after cars, i do so by eating balanced
diet which is very important , working out my body by attending fitness training,
attending modeling classes to improve my catwalk and poses , and taking good care of
my skin because appearance truly matters. this helps to keep me relevant in the

FUTV: What other project have you been associated with after West Africa Fashion Awards?

JOYCE: Apart from modelling, I have been acting -featured in a movie, soap opera and
music video. I'm also working on my charity project which is aimed at supporting
Education as a means of reducing the poor  health indices we have in West Africa. I
would also be working with agencies that have similar cause especially those that
are working to reduce child and maternal death through education.

GODWIN: After being the face of West Africa, i have been associated with an awareness
program for malaria prevention, CAAM (Creating Awareness Against Malaria), as part
of the prevention awareness program, my project CAAM as part of the west Africa
medical sector i feel that this would help to reduce malaria cases in West Africa.

FUTV: What is fashion to you?

JOYCE: Fashion is a way of life. Its a means to express the mind and its beauty.  
GODWIN: Fashion is an expression of myself, a way to signify who i am, my lifestyle,
where i come from and what i believe in, and Fashion is a snapshot of what i like or
how i feel at a particular time, because of its ever-changing state and the way in
which we choose certain looks over others.

FUTV: What do you think of the West African  Fashion industry and who is your  favorite

JOYCE :The West Africa fashion industry is an industry I feel its potentials are not
yet fully tapped. There are great talents waiting to be explored. I have had
opportunities to work with great designers and emerging ones especially in Nigeria.
i Do not have a best designer but I have a list of good designers I hope to continue to
work with and some I hope to work with in d future.

GODWIN: African fashion has been influenced by western culture due to the sophistication and creativity that have been introduced by great west African designers that have made African fashion what it is today.  Ohimai Atafo is my favorite designer.

FUTV: As the face of West Africa what have you accomplished so far?

JOYCE: As the face of WAFA, I am very passionate on representing West Africa
positively. I recently visited the orphanages to give back to the society, am currently working on a charity project also which would hit the news very soon. Our problems are enormous but doing our little bit would save the world!

GODWIN: being the Face of West Africa i have accomplished the goals i set for myself

FUTV: What do  you think the face of West Africa should have?

JOYCE: A clear sense of what is important to him/her, putting forth the effort to
improve and create things that will make a difference. Ability to act in ways
consistent with the values, beliefs, and moral principles. Educators, Civil leaders,
Mothers, Fathers, Clergy, Peers, and ordinary people encountered in everyday life. A
true face of West Africa is not the person with the best job title, the most
responsibility, or the greatest fame to his or her name.” Anyone can inspire a child
to achieve their potential in life

GODWIN: The face of West Africa should have an automatic entry in to the Nollywood
movie industry.

FUTV:Advice to upcoming models?

JOYCE: Been a Model is not just the look. But what makes YOU standout is realizing
your Niche. Upcoming Models should take each step LITTLE by LITTLE. Be ready for
disappointments and what makes you unique as a Model is your ability to pull
through. Everyone has that opportunity and there are different classes of models
from, petite, Glamour, Runway, Plus size and so on, so no matter your size, It’s
about Your Ability and BELIEVING in Oneself!!!!!!!!

GODWIN:  Always remain humble and keep to time when going for auditions/casting, and
for those with no manners don't forget to keep your attitude at home, because you
may create a road of losing an opportunity you set for your safe. always stay focus and be passionate with your career and not for the money alone,
Categorically I will advice the upcoming models  to always  pray for God's favor,
if you aren’t getting favor from God, you may stay in a spot for years just like the
moon and sun.

FUTV:what is next for you?

JOYCE: Modeling internationally and making West Africa proud.

GODWIN: My project is next, moving all over west Africa for the prevention of
malaria, am so sad after researching  that  every year malaria still kills 660,000
people , and  most of them are African children. Malaria is particularly dangerous
for our pregnant women.  As the face of West Africa prevention materials will be donated as CAAM (Creating Awareness Against Malaria) will be going to educate people in  rural communities and
schools about malaria prevention all over west Africa to donate insecticide-treated mosquito net (ITN) to schools and families with infants.ds