Monday 20 April 2015

Unveiled: The Nomination Process of the West Africa Fashion Awards 2016

The Nomination commission of the West Africa fashion awards revealed the nomination process for the WAFA 2016, in an interview with the Press Crew the president of the West African Fashion Awards, Adewole Olanrewaju stated these;

The 2016 edition of the west Africa fashion awards will give room for representation in all west African countries , the nomination commission headed by the nomination coordinator will select 2 candidate each from Nigeria and Ghana totaling 4 that will head the nomination commission in their respective country while the other west African countries gets 1 nomination head each.

He also noted that the organization would unveil the Nomination head for each country in the coming days and they hope everyone that wish to be nominated can reach them, so also the nomination coordinator will handle direct nomination sent to them by intending nominees and would send it to the appropriate persons in charge. After the nomination the commission would be putting each nominee’s popularity to test with an open voting system where the committee
would be selecting the top 5 favorite for each category for the finals.

The final nominees will be unveiled at the WAFA Fashion shows in GHANA, Nigeria and Gambia between September to December 2015.  

The Main Award will hold by January 2016 at the prestigious Eko Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.

For inquiries about the West African Fashion Awards, please visit www.westafricanfashionawards,com or  mail info@westafricanfashionawards,com